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( 02164 ) – 271462
DTE Code : 6016
MSBTE Code : 0010

Government Polytechnic Karad

( शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, कराड ) 

Placement Statistics

Academic Year 2022-23(Total Placement: 206 Students)

Sr.NoName of the CompanyBranchNo. of students selected
1Tata MotorsElectrical 3
2Faurecia Mechanical 2
3Blue StarMechanical 2
4Blue StarElectrical 5
5SchniederMechanical 5
6SchniederElectrical 5
7SarlohaMechanical 4
8SarlohaElectrical 3
9SarlohaE & TC1
10John DeereMechanical 20
11John DeereElectrical 4
12John DeereE & TC3
13Bajaj AutoMechanical 22
14Bajaj AutoElectrical 6
15Bajaj AutoE & TC17
16Forbes Marshall Mechanical 18
17Cummins India Ltd.Mechanical 14
18Cummins India Ltd.Electrical 11
19Cummins India Ltd.E & TC17
20GE Aerospace Mechanical 28
21GE Aerospace Electrical 3
22L & T PowerInstrumentation1
23Tata PowerMechanical 2
24Tata PowerElectrical 1
25Tata ProjectsInstrumentation6
26Di Tap V AutomationInstrumentation3

Academic Year 2021-22 (Total Placement: 259 Students)

Sr. No.Name of the CompanyBranchNo. of students selected
1Bajaj Auto Ltd., PuneMechanical32
2Bajaj Auto Ltd., PuneElectrical8
3Bajaj Auto Ltd., PuneE & T C31
4GE Aviation Ltd.Mechanical13
5GE Aviation Ltd.Electrical4
6Philips India Ltd. PuneElectrical3
7Philips India Ltd. PuneE & T C8
8L & T Constructions Ltd.Mechanical1
9L & T Constructions Ltd.Electrical4
10L & T Constructions Ltd.Civil3
11L & T Constructions Ltd.Instrumentation1
12Tata Power Ltd.Electrical4
13Tata Power Ltd.Civil1
14Tata MotorsE & T C4
15Thermax Ltd. PuneMechanical3
16Thermax Ltd. PuneElectrical3
17Thermax Ltd. PuneInstrumentation2
18L & T HydrocarbonCivil1
19L & T HydrocarbonInstrumentation5
20KSB Ltd. PuneMechanical1
21ACC Ltd.Mechanical1
22ACC Ltd.Civil2
23JSW Ltd.Mechanical4
24Datastack TechnologiesComputer1
26Cummins India Ltd.Mechanical8
27Cummins India Ltd.E & T C9
28Tata TechnologiesMechanical8
29John Deere India Ltd.Mechanical15
30John Deere India Ltd.Electrical4
31John Deere India Ltd.E & T C20
32Laxmi Civil Engg. Services, KolhapurMechanical1
33Laxmi Civil Engg. Services, KolhapurCivil8
34Teclogos Automation Pvt. Ltd.Electrical5
35Teclogos Automation Pvt. Ltd.E & T C12
36Teclogos Automation Pvt. Ltd.Instrumentation6
37Teclogos Automation Pvt. Ltd.Computer6
38IFB Industries Ltd.Mechanical6
39IFB Industries Ltd.Electrical2
40Burckhardt Compression India Ltd.Mechanical3
41ENPRO Industries Ltd.Mechanical1
42ENPRO Industries Ltd.Electrical1
43ENPRO Industries Ltd.Instrumentation1
44KSB Design Tech.Mechanical2

Academic Year 2020-21 (Total Placement: 169 Students)

Sr. No.Name of the companyBranchNo. of students selected
1Bajaj Auto Ltd. PuneMechanical26
2Bajaj Auto Ltd. PuneElectrical18
3Bajaj Auto Ltd. PuneE & TC15
4GE Aviation Ltd. Pune Mechanical21
5GE Aviation Ltd. PuneElectrical9
6L & T Constructions Ltd.Civil6
7L & T Constructions LtdMechanical2
8Alfa Laval India Ltd. Electrical1
9Tata PowerInstrumentation1
10Faurecia Ltd. Pune Mechanical1
11Infosys Ltd. Electrical2
12Infosys Ltd.Computer5
13Tec logos Automation Instrumentation7
14KSB India Ltd.Mechanical5
15Philips India Ltd. Mechanical4
16Philips India Ltd. Electrical 7
17Philips India Ltd. E & TC 7
18Datwyler Sealing Solutions, KhandalaMechanical13
19JCB India Ltd.Mechanical14
20Tata Technologies, PuneMechanical4
21Godrej & Boyce Mfg. LtdE & TC 1

Academic Year 2019-20 (Total Placement: 153 Students)

Sr. No.Name of the companyBranchNo. of students selected
1John Deere Pvt. Ltd.Mechanical 1
2John Deere Pvt. Ltd.E & TC5
3Thoughtworks Ltd. ChennaiComputer5
4Tata Motors Ltd. Mechanical5
5Tata Motors Ltd.Electrical3
6Philips India Ltd.Electrical3
7Philips India Ltd.E & TC5
8Bajaj Auto Ltd. Pune Mechanical18
9Bajaj Auto Ltd. PuneElectrical14
10Bajaj Auto Ltd. PuneCivil5
11Bajaj Auto Ltd. PuneE & TC11
12KSB India Ltd.Mechanical2
13GE India Ltd.Mechanical17
14GE India Ltd.Electrical10
15JSW Ltd. DolviMechanical9
16JSW Ltd. DolviElectrical4
17JSW Ltd. DolviInstrumentation3
18L & T Constructions Ltd. ChennaiCivil3
19Infosys Electrical1
21TCE, MumbaiMechanical3
22Flex India Ltd.Electrical3
23Flex India Ltd.E & TC3
24Cummins India Ltd.Mechanical6
25Ryka Engg. SolutionsInstrumentation1
26ACG Capsules Ltd.Mechanical6
27Tata Motors Ltd. (Apprentics)Mechanical6

Academic Year 2018-19 (Total Placement: 126 Students)

Sr. No.Name of the companyBranchNo. of students selected
1Bajaj Auto Ltd .PuneMechanical32
2Bajaj Auto Ltd .PuneElectrical13
3Bajaj Auto Ltd .PuneE & TC9
4Bajaj Auto Ltd .PuneInstrumentation3
5Bajaj Auto Ltd .PuneCivil2
6Tata Motors Ltd.Mechanical10
7Tata Motors Ltd.Electrical8
8L & T Constructions LtdCivil10
9L & T Constructions LtdElectrical1
10L & T Constructions LtdMechanical1
11GE (India)Ltd.Mechanical6
12GE (India)Ltd.Electrical4
13Tata Technologies Ltd.Mechanical7
14Thermax Ltd. PuneMechanical1
15Thermax Ltd. PuneInstrumentation1
16Shapoorji Pallonji Constructions Ltd.Civil3
17Di Tap V AutomationInstrumentation2
18KSB Pumps Ltd.Mechanical2
19Flex India Ltd.Mechanical1
20Flex India Ltd.Electrical3
21Precision Seals Ltd.Mechanical7
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